Netflix Login Account : How to Signup and Login at

Netflix Login: Netflix is an online streaming media that can instantly provide TV shows and movies over internet. It has almost 50 million subscribers all over the world.

Netflix is basically an American provider being founded by Marc Randolph in 1997 based in Scotts Valley, California. It has millions of viewers and offers services in South America, New Zealand, Australia, North America, Japan and parts of Europe.

NetFlix Login : How to Signup and Login at

It can be said as the best online streaming and it develops and maintains an extensive personalized video recommendation system based on the customers review and ratings. It has grown very quickly for the reason it has offered standalone streaming options over DVD rentals.


Its market share of 32.3% in streaming in US clearly shows how popular it is in the market. It has got some unique features that made this steaming business gain reputation wherever it stepped in.

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Some of the unique features that made it gain popularity are

  1. Containing 50 Million subscribers.
  2. Instant streaming of movies and TV shows.
  3. Uninterrupted streaming.
  4. Before registering into Netflix, a month free trial version is available to its users.
  5. It can be operated in Smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, Mobile, and Tablets.
  6. For its users it is available in different plans like Basic, Standard and Premium with difference in payments and available options.


To avail this uninterrupted streaming of movies and TV shows one has to get registered and create an account. After registering the user is provided with a one month trial version of Netflix online streaming.

The steps for registration are as follows.


  1. Enter the Netflix official website to register yourself or just click on
  2. During registration it asks you to enter your mail-id and a password to create an account.
  3. After entering all the details to can also select the different plans available on top as Basic, Standard and Premium based on the payments and options available.
  4. Now click on Register and this will take you to the payment window.
  5. Enter the payment details and make payment.
  6. By this your sign-up process is done and you can sign-in to your account any time by entering mail-id and password.
  7. Every subscriber has a specific profile which specifies the billing details, plan details whether streaming or DVD plan.

That’s all about the sign-up and sign-in process for Netflix. The account must be upgraded every month but just paying the subscription fee. Keep Reading Showbox app Download