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Download Popcorn Time for Windows PC ( XP/ 7/8.1/10) & MAC

After our Last Guide in Which I explained about Showbox on PC free download. Entertainment lovers, this guide is for you all. Here is a useful and very simple guide to download the most entertaining media application called “Popcorn Time”. Follow this guide till the end and learn the process to download the app on your PC with Windows or Mac operating systems.

Features of Popcorn Time App:

Entertainment always takes a special place in the whole app world. Here is another app meant for entertainment called “Popcorn Time” which is unique among all the other related apps. The app provides uninterrupted streaming of latest movies, videos and TV series to its users with an option to download simultaneously. Also download showbox app for free.


The most efficient feature of the app is its availability in different versions officially for different devices. Here, in this guide learn to download and install the app on your Computers with Windows or Mac Operating Systems.

Download Popcorn Time for PC (Windows XP/7/8/8.1 & Mac):

As already said, the app is made available for different platforms by providing official versions. So, one can ensure that there can be no harm caused to one’s computer or phone by downloading and installing this application.Here, in this download guide let us learn the process to download the app on both Windows PC and Mac computer. Even get Showbox apk free download link now.

Download Popcorn Time for PC (Windows XP/7/8/8.1):

Follow the below mentioned step by step guide to download the app on Windows computer.
  • Download the Popcorn Time app for Windows version available at free of cost on its official website or Click Here for instant access.
  • Locate the downloaded file on your PC.
  • Click on the file to start the installation process.


  • Follow the set of instructions that appear on the screen and respond properly to ensure successful installation.
  • Wait till the installation finishes.
  • Once done with the installation, the app home screen appears on the desktop of your computer.
  • Select any program or a movie from the list and start passing out your time with popcorn time.

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Download and Install Popcorn Time for Mac:

Alike download for PC with Windows, the download of the app Popcorn time for Mac computer is also pretty simple and easy. Now, learn to download the app on Mac by following these set of instructions given below carefully.
  • Switch on your Mac computer.
  • Click to open Safari browser on Mac.
  • Now in the search bar present in the Browser, enter “Popcorn Time for Mac” to search the same.
  • Once found, click on it to download the installer file.
  • Find the downloaded file in the downloads and click to run the file.


  • This begins the installation process. Wait for the process to finish as it may take a moment of time.
  • Once installed, the Popcorn home screen appears on the desktop showing the list of available movies and TV series.
  • You can now select your required program to download and watch simultaneously.

Conclusion :

This is the detailed guide to download the app Popcorn Time on your PC with Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Now, it’s your choice to download the app on any of the devices and enjoy the uninterrupted streaming off movies and TV series. Give your valuable feedback on this guide by posting a comment in the comment bar and keep visiting our page for latest updates.

Popcorn Time App – Yet an Another App Like “Showbox”

Popcorn Time for Android: Guys, here we are with a useful download guide of an entertainment and media application called “Popcorn Time” which is very similar to showbox apk. It is an amazing and the most entertaining app which provides its users with all the updated stuff on movies, videos and other TV shows in HD same as Showbox app provide its users . Now it’s high time for you to download this app for Android and iOS devices by following this complete guide.

Popcorn Time for Android and iOS:

Popcorn time is an amazing tool and an eye treat to watch movies and TV shows with a highly defined audiovisuals.
Though there are many different entertainment apps available in the play stores and the app market, this one is unique when it comes to its specific versions. Yes, this app is available in different versions for different platforms like Showbox for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux etc. Here, in this download guide, let us try to learn the process to download the app on Android and iOS devices in very less time.
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Download Popcorn Time for Android:

For all the Android phones, here is a download guide to download the Popcorn Time App. Follow the below given instructions carefully.
  • Before actually downloading the app, turn on the unknown sources” in the security settings of your Android device.
  • Now, download the Popcorn Time app for Android available at its official website. Download Popcorn Time app for Android.
  • Transfer the installer file to your Android phone using a proper USB cable or Bluetooth device.



  • Locate the file in your SD card and click to begin the installation process.
  • Wait till the whole installation ends properly.
  • Once installed you can find the app icon in the apps drawer of your Android phone.
  • You can now enjoy popcorn time right on your Android phone.

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Download Popcorn Time for iOS (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod):

Below given is the process that is to be followed to download the popcorn time app on your iOS devices.
  • Before heading on to the download process, make sure that an iOS installer is loaded on your computer.
  • Download iOS installers which are available separately for both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Once downloaded, run the iOS installer on your PC.
  • Download the installer file of Popcorn time for iOS device. Click Here


  • Connect your iOS device to your computer using a proper USB cable.
  • Make sure that your PC has already installed iTunes and sync your iOS device with iTunes after connecting it to the computer.
  • Open the iOS installer and tap on ‘trust’.
  • Now, turn on Airplane mode on your iOS device.
  • When it is turned on, installation automatically begins and the process ends in no time.
  • Once installed, properly disconnect your iOS device from your computer and start using the app on your iOS device from now on.
My job is done. Now, it’s your turn to download and install the app on your phones with Android and iOS platforms. Share the guide with your friends and share your views and doubts here by posting a comment in the comment bar below. Enjoy your Popcorn Time on your mobile phone now! © 2015 showbox apk