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Showbox not working : Fix showbox not loading errors March 2017

Showbox not working: Here’s a guide to fix showbox not working errors.All those people who love to watch and stream Movies, TV Shows must install ShowBox app over their device. It is a streaming app for Android mobile platform which can be downloaded for free of cost. It is a useful app which can let you stream movies, shows without any interruption. It is a great source for people who want to cut their time watching their favorite movies. To be frank, even I use ShowBox and find it more than useful to stream for free and use.

Showbox not working : Fix showbox not loading errors March 2017

The app is really good to use, simple indeed and has a basic UI design. Users can easily navigate through the app and use it easily. There are quite a few streaming apps out there but none of them are so good and consistent. Precisely ShowBox is the best streaming app to watch free full length movies and all.

But every app is not so perfect indeed because they might have some bugs and glitches to ruin the fun. In the same way even ShowBox has few problems which were recently solved such as Video not found, Server not available and more. But again it has encountered another problem which gives an error ‘ShowBox app not working” and the app crashes at the same time. It’s kind of hard for people to use the app while it has so many server and other issues. We are going to show you how to resolve this issue easily, follow the below guide.

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Solve ShowBox app not working problem

ShowBox has been released for Android OS (Download Showbox apk), but we can use it over different mobile platforms except IOS. It is disappointing for users that the app crashes between and streaming becomes difficult. Sometimes the app crashes, and at times it pops up error such as video not available, try another server and more. So to solve all these issues you can follow the below instructions.

Update ShowBox app – Install ShowBox Latest Version

We have observed that these issues occur only in the older version of the Showbox app. So, we will be installing the new version which can replace the older version of app. It might solve your issue by replacing the bugs and glitches frankly.

  • Download ShowBox Latest version APk file from here
  • Next save it on your computer for time being
  • After that connect your phone to computer and transfer the APK file
  • Now open your SD Card, run the file and click on “Install” button
  • The app will now begin to install and wait for install to complete
  • Once installation is done, the app icon can be seen in menu

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Clear Cache

ShowBox app is good to use and indeed is one of the best movie streaming one. But when you use it for long time, the cache cause errors which might result in app crash, ShowBox app not working and server not found issues.

  • Open our device, go to “Settings” and click on “General” option
  • After that tap on “Application Manager” button
  • Now scroll and find where it says, “All Application or All”
  • After that find “ShowBox” app from the list and select it
  • Then tap on the “Clear Data” and ‘Clear Cache” button

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Showbox for MAC – Download Showbox App for iPad/iPhone 6

ShowBox is an online Movies and TV show streaming app designed for mobile platform. It is complete master piece of entertainment for free. Showbox app has been released for Android mobile platform. The concept here is that app allows users to find their favorite movies, TV shows or any Episode and stream them. You

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It is great to use because you can find Movies in no time and stream them easily. More over you don’t have to worry about space, because Movies are streamed and does not eat space in showbox apk. The Interface is very smartly designed, easy to manage in fact and user navigation is quite predictable. It is one hell of an app that has got so many tremendous features loaded in it.


You can find precise movies you are looking for using search bar. Use the keyword or term in the Movie or Show title to search them. You can anytime return to your home menu and cut the close the stream going on. You can play with the progress bar or monitor the video, loop it, forward it, backward, slow move, stop, play and pause easily.

Everything is in your hand from streaming to selecting the quality of video to load. The only thing you need to take care of is the Internet connection or 3G connection to be working fine.

ShowBox App Features For MAC OS

ShowBox app has really great and awesome features to be frank. It is one hell of an awesome app with many uses. You can read the features about the showbox app below.

  • It can be downloaded for free from online
  • The installation process is simple and takes no time
  • You will receive regular updates for the showbox app
  • Stream Movies and TV shows online
  • The app has been made out for Android and other OS
  • Each video has multiple HD video quality formats to select from
  • Use search option to find Movies using name or Keyword
  • Labels and categories can help you find precise Movies
  • You can also download it for MAC OS Using Andyroid

Download and Install ShowBox For MAC OS

ShowBox as we all know is an awesome app that can stream Movies and TV shows easily. This app has been released for Android Platform and few more. It is not released for any of the desktop platform like MAC, so we can’t use it directly. But to run showbox app on MAC we can use Andyroid Android emulator.

Andyroid emulator is made to emulate and run any Android based game or App on Mac OS platform. I will guide you how to get this app on Mac using this emulator. Please follow all the below instructions carefully.

  • First you have to download Andyroid Android emulator for MAC OS from here
  • Now next step is to download the ShowBox APK file (Android APK File) from here
  • After that you have to save the APK file on your desktop and right click on it
  • Then you need to select the option “Open With” and click on Andyroid option
  • Next the app will be installed on your desktop from Andyroid easily
  • After the installation process is completed, app icon appears in menu
  • Finally you can have fun watching unlimited videos on your MAC using ShowBox!

Thank you for read the above guide about ShowBox for Mac and all the steps. Now you will be able to run ShowBox app on your MAC desktop platform easily. If you have any problem or face issues regarding the post let us know in the comment box below.

Showbox Now Available for Chromebook – Set up Tutorial

Download Free Showbox for Chrome OS: Showbox is an amazing application where we can discover audio as well as video lovers and also to those who want to enjoy the Tv shows in High Definition. The Showbox application is compatible with all the android devices and it is also made available to Windows PC also and what ever the technologies with new OS are coming up, everything is made available to everyone matching their requirements.

Showbox application Free Download For Chrome Operating System:

Showbox-for-chromebookShowbox is one of the popular application these days and everyone uses this application and it is compatible with various platforms. You can enjoy the Showbox application while you are enjoying your ride, while eating food and while you are traveling and during most of your leisure time and also in a break free time. The show box – movie app is designed to facilitate the viewers to easily enjoy their favorite shows without any exertion and fatigue.

showbox-on-your-chromebookYou do not require any complicated downloading techniques as it is really simple and easy to download and follow. This era is known for its smart technology and ease of success provided to the customers and show box is one of the latest technological advancement. It is equally popular in both the adults and the children and its popularity is increasing day by day.


You don’t require any complex downloading process as it is genuinely direct and easy to download and take after to download the applications. This time is known for its splendid advancement and effortlessness of advancement provided for the customers and show box is a standout amongst the latest mechanical progress. It became so popular that even Children started liking the application to stream videos, Movies as well Tv shows in high definition.

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Features / Key Elements / Highlights of Showbox application:

  • Simple to use and we can utilize showbox for android and as well as the showbox for windows application and also for Mac os with a complete better performance than the others.
  • Stunning full HD details with crisp and clear all through the UI.
  • Crystal clear interface and Showbox application has a maximum limit for unlocking your phone and earning these points and once the limit is reached, you can’t earn further points.
  • No compelling reason to login or sign up not withstanding for once.
  • You can utilize and investigate numerous films and TV Shows on the go without paying anything or using some tools.
  • The Showbox application offers you tons of content to download and streaming.
  • Everything is customized into the genres as well as categories, so that we can look over a large number of choices which are accessible.
  • Showbox allows you to stream and download Movies, TV shows and a great fun with amazing deals.


  • You can watch Movies by setting up Showbox app photo quality as indicated by your Internet connection.
  • Showbox app also gives you free vouchers and saves your money.
  • You can also earn showbox points by downloading this application and you can redeem gifts by these earned points.
  • show box also provides you its amazing features so that you can watch your favorite shows when you are offline also, so enjoy showbox.

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How to download Showbox movie application to your Chromebook:

So, here we are finally reached the part of how to download showbox application to your favorite chromebook. Every-time we say about bluestacks app player or else android emulator only. So, why don’t we try out the latest software technologies loaded with new emulators or something new stuff.

  • First thing you need to do is Install ARChon application (from r/chromeapks)
  • Now, you must download ARChon Runtime, if you didn’t get a clarity – then we are providing link below.


  • Only apps modified to run with ARChon will work with this extension of chrome.
  • Before installing the chrome extension, once do check it and try to read the instructions.
  • Then, unzip the file  and Go to chrome://extensions for more detailed view.
  • Enable Developer Mode in settings to unload the app.
  • Next, click on the Unpacked Extension button.
  • Navigate to the vladikoff-archon-44bc9ba24037 folder, then highlight it by selecting it and click Open.
  • The ARChon Runtime is now “installed” perfectly in your chromebook.
  • To launch compatible apps – you must follow it and unpack them using Unpacked Extension button in Chrome Extension settings.
  • Then click on launch button.
  • For further detailed information, you can easily follow Google Runtime and that can be used to run specifically modified APK’s for ChromeOS users.


  • The next process is to loads the application and to load it you need to do click on “To launch compatible apps, load them using Unpacked Extension button in Chrome Extension settings and click launch.”
  • You can launch the app with the “Apps” button on the top left  corner of your chrome browser.


  • The showbox app will pop up like a proper app and you will get to know about the showbox application manually and you will say that the app is wonderful.
  • Start showboxing the movies and enjoy well!

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CONCLUSION: That’s it, now showbox is all yours and you can enjoy the application by using it – that to on your chromebook finally and it looks like a dream come true. Showbox is one of the best and wonderful application where everyone uses this application to stream HD videos and Tv shows as well as cricket match videos such as IPl, T20, test series and lot more to get out of the box.

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Best Alternatives of Showbox App – Do Check Out!


Showbox Alternatives: Showbox is definitely one of the best video streaming apps ever made for the smartphone users. The app has millions of users who are using it and it is a rage in the smart biz. It supports on all the platforms and is a user interface app.However, it has its own flaws when it comes to server down as many of the users binging on it at a time and at times it won’t work.

But to let you know a bit more about the other best and user-friendly video streaming applications, just go through the article which gives you an insight into the best video streaming app which are popular across the world. Just have a glance, guys.

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Check out some of the cool video streaming apps: 

1. Movie Tube:

MovieTube is one of the best streaming apps we have at present as one can get all types of Movies with different qualities. It is just not about Movies, one can get to watch TV Shows as well.


The application has over 20,000+ HD Movies and TV Shows. One can watch Movies and TV Shows on all of your devices. It ‘s available for Mac, Windows and Android platforms for free.

2. Crackle:

Crackle is one of the cool apps which supports on all the Android phones and Tablets. It is one of the best entertaining apps which is widely popular. It is available for free for all types of Android devices. The app has over 25+ Million downloads globally with a complete user satisfaction.


The app features a complete list of Hollywood Movies and TV Shows in high qualities. All the smartphone lovers, you can watch your favorite TV Shows and Movies in full HD quality. Check out  the app guys.

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3. Hubi Streaming:


Hubi is one of the most popular entertainment apps which serves the best user Interface. The app is widely available for Android and iOS platforms. The users can download their favorite videos, movies and much more to watch them. One can watch them even when they are offline on any smartphone or PC. The app supports all types of Android devices and iOS smartphones.

4. Hulu:

Hulu app updates content right after the movie/TV Show aired(conditions apply). One can watch multiple episodes for free depending on the show.


Hulu is definitely one of the cool apps where one can find out the best of TV Shows on the go. One can watch the ongoing tv series in Hulu application.


Even it is quite popular as there are millions who binge on this app.One can watch current shows episodes on the go. Even a lot of kids shows are also available in Hulu. There are some web-based streaming videos where one doesn’t get to watch them, then one must switch to the desktop as those videos are web based streaming. It adds content which is definitely the best one around. Showbox for mac download

5. Gigaplex:


Gigaplex HD is one of the best apps when it comes to entertainment as it is now available for Android Platform. It has millions of its users globally and the app offers a wide range of Movies to explore. It is incredibly amazing as it has got that simple and user-friendly.

So, these are some of  the best streaming apps which are alternatives of Showbox. Have a glance and use them to watch your favorite movies as you would do with the Showbox app. There are plenty more apps which are on their way to make a mark, however, these are some of the cool video streaming apps you will ever find and definitely one of the best apps to binge.

Stream ShowBox APP To ChromeCast using GrowBox

ShowBox is a online streaming app that is free to use and showbox download. It is one of the best and easy to understand streaming app designed for mobile platform like Android. It is of high resources and allows users to view their delightful content of media like movies and TV shows. Showbox app have huge collections of all the Shows, Episodes, Movies form the past to new. So why not use stream that Movie to TV show directly to your TV easily. We can make use of Chromecast app to stream the movie to TV and play it. You can have the same fun or entertainment of the video with excellent quality on TV set as well.

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GrowBox app allows you to stream and cast Movies from your ShowBox app to Chromecast directly. We could use MX Player in the past but it is of no use now.

Why To Use GrowBox Instead Of MX Player

Previously we could have used MX Player and GrowBox was not required for this process. But later It happened that the only player which was able to receive the Header with web video player stopped the features. Yes, MX player was being used in order stream directly to Chromecast using your ShowBox apk but features changed. But don’t worry guys we are back here with the best available and working method to stream without the help of MX Player.

We are going to use AllCast app from Android app store during the process. It will be used to render and send video to your centre.

Downloads Required for showbox :

I have listed out some of the showbox app and files you need to download and install on your Smartphone to complete process.

  • First thing you need to have Internet Connection or 3G/Wi-Fi Connection
  • You have to download AllCast App from Google Playstore
  • You need to download GrowBox App APK file
  • Make sure to have ShowBox preinstalled on your Smartphone

How To Stream ShowBox To ChromeCast Using GrowBox

In this little guide I will be explaining you how you can install and use the latest GrowBox app and stream your ShwoBox movies directly to Chromecast. In order to stream successfully you have to follow all the below steps correctly and must download the asked app from below.

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  • First step is to open your open your device and uninstall MX Player
  • You need to go to Settings, click on Apps and select MX Player to uninstall


  • Now you have to go to settings, select security and select “Unknown Sources” option


  • After that you have to download and install GrowBox app from here (APK File)


  • Then you need to download and install AllCast app from Google Playstore
  • So to download the AllCast app you can go to here


  • When you open your ShowBox app, you have to uncheck the option “Use Internal Player”
  • Then you have to click on the ‘Watch Now’ option and open with “AllCast’ app


  • Now AllCast app will search for players to stream, you can select ChromeCast from here


  • Now you can easily stream Movies and TV Shows using ChromeCast

Hope you like this post and if you find it helpful, please share it online with your friends. If you are facing any problem or issue regarding the post you can comment below.

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Download Showbox APK for Android Tablet Free

ShowBox for Android is really an interesting streaming app that is designed with perfection. It is simple to use and lets users watch their favorite shows and movies online. More over there is no hype or paid subscription you have to go through to use this app. You can simply download the app and install it to watch your shows. This app clears your struggle for searching the latest or old Movies or TV shows right from your Android Smartphone. After using this app you will never switch to other streaming options in your life. I bet this is very reliable app that is precise with the idea of streaming Movies and other programs online. All you need to do is get the app for your device, install and watch your movie. Simple isn’t it, then why don’t you just follow this guide and do it yourself.
ShowBox app has been released for Android OS and can be download by following our below steps.

The app has good interface, in fact it is very easy to navigate through different places in the menu section. New users will find it easy to understand and there would be no problem to install it as well. You can run the app and search for your favorite shows using their keyword as well. Then the search bar will take care of the rest and fetch the best available video of your searched term. You can try to select the best rated movies with IMDB ratings available. Next after you select the certain Movie or TV Episode to watch, you can select the quality of video you like to watch. Literally there are various Video resolution and HD quality options are available.

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ShowBox App Features And Review
This app is best for streaming movies and your favorite videos online directly from your Smartphone. This is one great app of work with lots of new features as well. You can read the features of the app from below.

  • It is totally free of cost to use
  • It has been made out for Android mobile platform OS
  • You can download it safely and install easily
  • The app is very easy to navigate, use and understand
  • Different video HD quality options are there
  • The App interface is very nice and users love it
  • You can search the movie name, using their custom search bar
  • Use labels and find the best available in your category

How To Download And Install ShowBox App For Android
Now we are familiar with the concept of ShowBox apk and now you can follow the guide to download and then install the app on Android directly.

  • First you have to download ShowBox APK file from here
  • Next you have to go to the Location or Storage where you have saved the APK file


  • Then you have to select the app and click on it to install


  • After that you have to tap on the Next button for once
  • Now the app will start to install on your device


  • Wait until the app is installed completely and shows up in menu


  • Finally you can run the ShowBox app and watch unlimited movies for free

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