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How can I watch Showbox on my TV?

A Smart TV app that does the same as Showbox Time would be awesome but it doesn’t exist (yet). However, there are a few ways you can watch your favorite movies and TV-shows on your flatscreen.

  1. Hook your unit up to the TV with an HDMI. The simple solution
  2. Get an Android TV or and sideload the app (method is for Nexus Player but should also work for an Android TV)
  3. Hook an android stick PC up to your TV and install an app.
  4. “Cast” to your flatscreen using a Chromecast (doesn’t work for all versions/clones/forks)
    • A Chromecast is a gadget you plug in to one of your TV’s HDMI sockets and connect to your WiFi. This way you can use the Chromecast as a streaming “bridge” that can play content from Netflix, Youtube etc. directly on your TV without using a cable. Also works for some of the Showbox Time apps
  5. Play the file to your TV using DLNA (doesn’t work for all versions either)
    • This way you use a Playstation 4 or Xbox One for playback on your TV

How to Use Showbox with Chromecast ?

Showbox and its clones are amazing programs (or apps if you happen use it on your iOS and/or android devices) but unless you’ve got a computer hooked up to your TV you have to make do with the small screen of a PC, tablet or smartphone. While that can be OK in certain situations such as during travel or in a hotel room it’s really far from an ideal solution if you’re looking to use Showbox as a staple in your home entertainment center.

Use Popcorn Time with Chromecast and enjoy wireless streaming to your TV.

The solution can be to connect your computer to a TV using an HDMI cable. This is probably the easiest and most fool proof way to get Showbox from the computer to the big flat screen where movies and great TV shows belong. However, if you’re using a smartphone or tablet to run Showbox, or if the sight of messy cables lying around makes you sick, a Chromecast can be the solution you’re looking for.

A Chromecast is a cool little device cooked up by Google to bring Smart TV capabilities to TVs that don’t have them. It connects to the TV through an HDMI input and to the outside world via your home WiFi. Once it’s been set up programs and apps on the same network as the Chromecast pick up its presence and make playback (or “casting” as it’s called) on it available.

Choosing to cast a video means that instead of starting playback on the screen of your computer, tablet or smartphone the job is passed on to the Chromecast that shows the content on the flat screen TV.

Thanks to an open API developers are free to build Chromecast support in to their programs and apps which means that the number of supported applications is measured in thousands and is constantly increasing. Not surprisingly, this list has also come to include most of the current Showbox Time developers and it even supports subtitles.

Depending on the version of Showbox you’re using Chromecast is selected either before or after playback is started. A an initial “buffering screen” will appear on the TV (remember to swith to the appropriate input) that will shortly be replaced by the movie or TV-show playing.

It is of course a matter of personal taste but apart from a Smart TV Showbox app directly on the TV it’s hard to imagine a sleeker home entertainment solution than navigating the Showbox menus on a tablet or smartphone and sending playback to the flat sceen wirelessly with a Chromecast.

Chromecast can be purchased in most larger electronics stores and is also available on or

Download Showbox APK for Android Tablet Free

ShowBox for Android is really an interesting streaming app that is designed with perfection. It is simple to use and lets users watch their favorite shows and movies online. More over there is no hype or paid subscription you have to go through to use this app. You can simply download the app and install it to watch your shows. This app clears your struggle for searching the latest or old Movies or TV shows right from your Android Smartphone. After using this app you will never switch to other streaming options in your life. I bet this is very reliable app that is precise with the idea of streaming Movies and other programs online. All you need to do is get the app for your device, install and watch your movie. Simple isn’t it, then why don’t you just follow this guide and do it yourself.
ShowBox app has been released for Android OS and can be download by following our below steps.

The app has good interface, in fact it is very easy to navigate through different places in the menu section. New users will find it easy to understand and there would be no problem to install it as well. You can run the app and search for your favorite shows using their keyword as well. Then the search bar will take care of the rest and fetch the best available video of your searched term. You can try to select the best rated movies with IMDB ratings available. Next after you select the certain Movie or TV Episode to watch, you can select the quality of video you like to watch. Literally there are various Video resolution and HD quality options are available.

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ShowBox App Features And Review
This app is best for streaming movies and your favorite videos online directly from your Smartphone. This is one great app of work with lots of new features as well. You can read the features of the app from below.

  • It is totally free of cost to use
  • It has been made out for Android mobile platform OS
  • You can download it safely and install easily
  • The app is very easy to navigate, use and understand
  • Different video HD quality options are there
  • The App interface is very nice and users love it
  • You can search the movie name, using their custom search bar
  • Use labels and find the best available in your category

How To Download And Install ShowBox App For Android
Now we are familiar with the concept of ShowBox apk and now you can follow the guide to download and then install the app on Android directly.

  • First you have to download ShowBox APK file from here
  • Next you have to go to the Location or Storage where you have saved the APK file


  • Then you have to select the app and click on it to install


  • After that you have to tap on the Next button for once
  • Now the app will start to install on your device


  • Wait until the app is installed completely and shows up in menu


  • Finally you can run the ShowBox app and watch unlimited movies for free

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