Showbox not working : Fix showbox not loading errors March 2017


Showbox not working: Here’s a guide to fix showbox not working errors.All those people who love to watch and stream Movies, TV Shows must install ShowBox app over their device. It is a streaming app for Android mobile platform which can be downloaded for free of cost. It is a useful app which can let you stream movies, shows without any interruption. It is a great source for people who want to cut their time watching their favorite movies. To be frank, even I use ShowBox and find it more than useful to stream for free and use.

Showbox not working : Fix showbox not loading errors March 2017

The app is really good to use, simple indeed and has a basic UI design. Users can easily navigate through the app and use it easily. There are quite a few streaming apps out there but none of them are so good and consistent. Precisely ShowBox is the best streaming app to watch free full length movies and all.

But every app is not so perfect indeed because they might have some bugs and glitches to ruin the fun. In the same way even ShowBox has few problems which were recently solved such as Video not found, Server not available and more. But again it has encountered another problem which gives an error ‘ShowBox app not working” and the app crashes at the same time. It’s kind of hard for people to use the app while it has so many server and other issues. We are going to show you how to resolve this issue easily, follow the below guide.

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Solve ShowBox app not working problem

ShowBox has been released for Android OS (Download Showbox apk), but we can use it over different mobile platforms except IOS. It is disappointing for users that the app crashes between and streaming becomes difficult. Sometimes the app crashes, and at times it pops up error such as video not available, try another server and more. So to solve all these issues you can follow the below instructions.

Update ShowBox app – Install ShowBox Latest Version

We have observed that these issues occur only in the older version of the Showbox app. So, we will be installing the new version which can replace the older version of app. It might solve your issue by replacing the bugs and glitches frankly.

  • Download ShowBox Latest version APk file from here
  • Next save it on your computer for time being
  • After that connect your phone to computer and transfer the APK file
  • Now open your SD Card, run the file and click on “Install” button
  • The app will now begin to install and wait for install to complete
  • Once installation is done, the app icon can be seen in menu

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Clear Cache

ShowBox app is good to use and indeed is one of the best movie streaming one. But when you use it for long time, the cache cause errors which might result in app crash, ShowBox app not working and server not found issues.

  • Open our device, go to “Settings” and click on “General” option
  • After that tap on “Application Manager” button
  • Now scroll and find where it says, “All Application or All”
  • After that find “ShowBox” app from the list and select it
  • Then tap on the “Clear Data” and ‘Clear Cache” button

Thank you for reading this guide to solve ShowBox app errors. You can leave your views about this guide in the below comment section. Please try to share the post online with all your friends.

Showbox not working : Fix showbox not loading errors March 2017
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  1. It don’t let me see it showtime please fix it i love this app thank u

  2. i have updated showbox and now i have todownload my show?
    what is going on?

    1. OMG that’s the same problem I have.

  3. I am also getting the message saying movie box please wait and then captcha screen

  4. cheryl perrigan

    does not work

  5. Server 1 keeps asking me for captcha code over and over…I keep typing it in and it keeps asking for it! What has happened to Showbox!
    Server 8 is the only other choice and it is 720i and that is unavailable to me!

  6. Read through your fix & done but app still won’t stream

  7. My showbox is updated but my shows say torrents why I don’t want download I want watch now there’s no server

  8. Hi,
    Completed as described but still got issue?

  9. Showbox is not working ever since the update. All movies and tv shows only play on Torrents and I have to download all of them!!! I no longer get the watch now option, only download. Its extremely aggravating. Please fix it.

  10. I have samsung s5 mini my showbox is still not working at all ive uninstalled and installed 4 times now
    dont know what to do now missing showbox
    can yo help please

  11. Showbox keeps crashing after first chapter,have uninstalled cleared all all data and just purchased a new tab 4 but it still not working. Any other suggestions would be great as I like showbox

  12. yeah finally fixed it

    1. Really?…. Forgive my skepticism, but – in Poker – we call guys like you “fish”. Easy to reel in. If you did “fix it”, share the “how to”. (And don’t say you dumped the cache. I wouldn’t even call it a temp fix.)

      IMO, the ONLY time you can have limited success with Showbox is when its clogged server finally has enough breathing room to pass a movie your way for a change. (Guys! They DO NOT have the power to accommodate even half the amount of people who try and log on. Problem is that they keep “updating” the program and wonder why their substandard servers can’t handle things. And I doubt we’ll see that changed soon.) I think finding an alternate movie site is a better idea.

  13. Please clarified your statement, “finally fix it”. I have a Samsung tablet and capacha doesn’t work.

  14. It keeps telling me “search is currently unavailable” even when i search for a movie that i know showbox has. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  15. Starting not to like this app because of the crashing

  16. I have an Acer iconic a3-30.
    I have The most recent Showbox and I have cleared the data and cleared its cache. Everytime I click on a film or TV show, Showbox crashes and says unfortunately Showbox as stopped. The app is unusable at the moment. any idea what the problem is ? Thanks

  17. I start watching my show then it freezes and the says showbox is not responding then shuts showbox off what is going on I love showbox but it ain’t working like it use to please fix this

  18. Downloaded the latest version, 4.69. When I open it says “internet connection, check your internet connection.” Already tried airplane mode technique, doesn’t work for me. Cleared cache, still the same error.

  19. I love this app but I think I’m gonna have to delete it because I can’t watch any movies on it

  20. just updated the newest version. and I there isn’t an option to download anything, only to watch now and there are only server 3 and 4. can someone please fix this. I also cleared my cache and data as indicated above because it was lagging and not responsive. not realizing by deleting data it would delete the 3 shows I had downloaded. now I can ONLY watch..
    please fix issue.

  21. Tried everything…still not working,driving me crazy!!!!!

  22. I call BS! The ONLY versions of Showbox that worked well were the oldest ones. The new version keeps crashing. The so-called “fix” is complete krapp. It DOES NOT WORK! Not on an S5, HTC, Dell Tablet,…. NOTHING! Do you people at Showbox even read the comments? Does it not ever occur to you that possibly ALL these people have tried your “fix” and d/led the newest version just to see neither of them work? Come on! I doubt if any of these people are so stupid to post a complaint without actually reading (and trying) your useless solutions. Problem is that your app is incapable of handling and working with your over clogged servers. Either limit your app useage to, say. 4 hours a day per person or update your servers and make an app that works. Look at and fix the REAL problem.

    1. September 10, 2016 and Showbox still stops working, crashes and burns. Occasionally and “IF” you’re lucky, you may manage to get womething, but usually after SEVERAL attempts. And Showbox, I’m guessing from fear of losing a huge client base, is still posting the useless “Clear Cash” or “Download latest version” Bullsh*t that NEVER EVER REALLY WORKS!!…. just as a stall in hopes people won’t abandom them forever. In truth, they STILL have no idea how to fix this problem. And their servers still simply cannot take the load. Here’s a challenge!…. Can we find 3 people out there who have actually used Showbox for more than a month WITHOUT problems? Or better yet, is there anyone out there who has actually successfully fixed this “Showbox has stopped working” issue? (And please don’t bs us with saying you have unless you can actually back it up with a solid, workable solution. Don’t be so naive to think we are as gullible as you may be.)

  23. Hu, season 1 episode 6 of Ballers only showing server 3 and I can not download it. Can someone please fix this.

    Thank u

  24. Showbox not able to download on my tablet today
    Tuesday 15th November 2016

    Any body know what’s going on.

  25. Please fix sully the movie, this movie is really good and I cannot finish it because it mess up halfway thru.. HURRY UP AND FIX

  26. , is anyone else getting unwanted pop up ads?

  27. Has anybody found an alternate site for streaming? I think the Showbox people are only interested in making money from the pop-up advertising. If you tell those advertisers the problem with Showbox and let them be aware that your perception of their product is negative, we may get better results. Worth a try.

  28. Not working on my tablet it keeps saying that it has stopped working

  29. I have been using Showbox for the past 9 months straight with no single issue whatsoever. It has been awesome. Any movie or show I wanted to watch off their site loaded and played perfectly during the entire duration of this time. Just recently, as in a couple of days ago, I have been experiencing complete failure when trying to load anything at all. The site comes up just fine like it always has, but as soon as I click on any title the page will come up for it for a brief second and then goes straight to a blacked out screen and it remains there until you hit the back button which takes you directly to the home page. It seems like it’s trying to load one of the advertisements you see before one of the shows but nothing ever loads. To wrap it up this really sucks ballz.

  30. Keep getting github 404 message.explain please

  31. I can watch what ever I want but only on my device now… showbox is no longer cast-able. It says 404 error code and it refers me to….. please fix this if at all possible

  32. I love show box.
    I live in a country where there is no English speaking TV. Although I get the options of watch or download, I can no longer watch- only download…..and it takes 2 days. I am still grateful for what I have, but would like normal service to resume.

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