Showbox Apk Download : Showbox App for Android Latest Version


ShowBox is an awesome app that allows you to watch Movies, TV Shows and Series easily. It has a great Interface and well made UI design which is pretty good to look at. The showbox app has been made so that Mobile users can watch their favorite Movies and TV Shows for free exactly.

The best part about showbox is you can simply download showbox app for free without paying them any penny. Yes, for free and you can use it forever as you like on your device. You can simply install the showbox apk and start using its features. The show box app is made out brilliantly and has some great features included with. You will love to use it because you can watch shows and Movies from past to present easily.

Showbox Apk Download : Showbox App for Android Latest Version


Have you been looking for latest Working Showbox apk file in 2016?

If Yes…

Then this article is going to help you out as I am going to share Showbox apk file with you which will be helping you to download Showbox apk for Android phones.

We have received many complaints from Showbox users that they are unable to download Showbox app directly from their app store. So such users can download the apk of Showbox in order to directly download the Showbox app by bypassing app store process.

Moreover, you will come to know a lot about Showbox app which is hidden from you and can be discovered with the mean of this post.

Why Showbox?

Showbox is an entertainment app for android which let you watch movies, TV serials, shows, dramas, news, and other programs for free. Showbox has a big movies’ library comprising of 10,000 movies and increasing. They keep on updating their all libraries so that users can keep getting amazing and fresh movies and shows for free.

Lets talk about its usage, It is really easy to use as there is nothing which could complicate the things. Like movies, shows and serials are categorized with their respective genres. You can head towards any section and then move towards any genre and then you will have a list of all movies or shows in the selected genre. Normally, movies are aligned alphabetically, you can align the results as per your choice or short-list the results by choosing different filters.


Opening screen of Showbox will have a list of hot and trending movies, serials and shows. If you find your favorite movie or show in the hot list then tap on it and start playing.

I can claim that you won’t be regretting about your favorite show missed as showbox will be helping you to watch it on your phone, tablet, or PC (its a trick, we’ll disclose). And the amazing thing about Showbox is that it is completely free and you won’t be required to pay anything for utilizing their services.

Showbox gives you two options; either to watch your favorite movie or show online or you can download it for later watching. And both streaming and downloader features are amazing.

I think these features and specs are enough to choose this amazing for you! So to give you a clear idea about it head towards its features:


  • Best app to watch movies, serials, and shows for free
  • Free to download app
  • Easy to use and simple interface app
  • 10,000 movies’ library and keep updating daily
  • Movies are categorized with genres and types
  • All latest movies and shows are updated

Showbox Apk Download for Android Free

So here comes the main part of this post which will help you to get Showbox apk for android smartphones. Here you go;

  • First of all, get Showbox APK latest version from Below


  • Then it will start downloading Showbox
  • Ones it is downloaded, Next you have to run the download showbox Apk file from SD Card directly
  • After that click on icon and let the Apk file install on your device


  • You have to allow access to the file and let Showbox APK installed completely
  • After installation, you will have Showbox icon on the homescreen
  • Tap on Showbox icon and start playing your favorite movies or shows


  • This was it!

Note: ShowBox apk is really growing fast and has huge users worldwide. In order to meet the user requirements and be compatible with latest Android OS updates. The app will be updated with new versions as well. You can download the latest version to watch shows without any problem.

Additional Showbox Tricks:

I am adding few more additional tricks relevant to Showbox which will help you to better use Showbox app and use it without hindrances.

Showbox for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac OS X

Here is another trick for you in this compiled guide which will be helping you to download Showbox for PC. Now without taking your more time let me take you to the steps;

But before that, let me set a groud for tutorial.

For following the steps and making Showbox app run on computers, Mac or Windows, then you will be required to get an Android emulators for your computer. It will help you to generate a virtual android OS on your computer and will help you to download and play android apps on your computers. Android Emulators like Bluestacks are gems and letting you enjoy their services for free.

Note: This trick can also work on Mac OS X

  • Firstly, you need to download Android Emulator, I would suggest you to go for Bluestacks
  • Ones Bluestacks is downloaded, then Install it on your computer
  • After installation, you need to setup Bluestacks by linking your Gmail account with it
  • Ones you see that it is completely setup then you will have Bluestacks homepage with suggested apps
  • Now use Bluestacks search bar, and look for Showbox


  • Then you will have Showbox icon, click on it
  • After that, you will be redirected to Google Playstore and click on Install button
  • Now Agree to terms and conditions to proceed
  • It will start downloading Showbox on your computer
  • Ones it is completed, then you will have Open button in place of Install, click on it
  • It will launch Showbox and start watching your favorite movies
  • This was it!

Showbox Errors – Fixes :

If you are facing certain errors while using Showbox app on your device. Then you may try out our some fixes;

Video NOT Available, Try Again – Fix :

This is one of the common error in showbox where it shows Video NOT Available, Try Again error. And it really annoys users out there. So to fix it you may try following fixes.

These problems comes from servers’ end where normally servers are under maintainence. We keep on forcing developers to update their servers from our end. So for you, there is nothing to worry and take reasonable measures. As it will be removed as soon as developers fix servers from his end.

Update and Not Working Error – Fix :

This is another error which Showbox users are facing and that is update error and sometime getting NOT Working error on their Showbox. So to fix it, you may apply following measures;

This error is arising due to the older and corrupt downloaded file of Showbox which is why you are getting Not Working error on your showbox. In order to overcome this, you may download the Showbox from above link which is working and 100% error free.

Fix: So what you need to do is that, Download the working APK file of Showbox again on your device and install it on your device again and then you won’t face any such issues.

Captcha Solving And VK.Com Sign Up Error – Fix :

This is another error which is being faced by many Showbox users and they are literally mad about it. So to keep those users calm and help them out, I am sharing a fix for it;

The reasons for Captcha error is tons of traffic which Showbox is receiving on their app and it is normally come up with famous shows like; Games of Throne. The reasons for showing Captcha is differtiating between real and bot traffic. If you are real human then you will enter the code to proceed whereas bots can’t.

But, it is annoying!

So to overcome this, you may try to Press OK 3 Times and it will help you to overcome the captcha. There are users who have been practicing this trick and it is being working for them. However, if you still face the Captchas then there is nothing which can be done to overcome it without adding codes to verify yourself as real traffic (humans).

For More Info on Showbox Not Working, we wrote a dedicated article on How to Fix Showbox Not Working You can Check this Article

Best Showbox Alternatives :

If somehow, you are not satisfied with the service of Showbox, which is rear in case, then you may go for Showbox alternatives which will help you to avail bigger benefits out of it;

  1. Movie Box: If you are really Film buff who just can’t live without movies, then Movie Box is good alternative to goo for with amazing and interactive features.
  2. Playbox HD: Playbox HD is another good alternative of Showbox available for both iOS and android users and can be easily downloaded.
  3. Movie HD: It is the most recent apps which is allowing you to watch your favorite movies for free, but still it has secured positions in best Showbox alternatives due to its amazing features. It is available for almost all devices.
  4. Cartoon HD: It is one of the popular and amazing alternative of Showbox which is also a brand in market. They have huge collection of entertainment packets. It is famous for Cartoons, TV shows, and movies. You can download this amazing app for your android devices, and ios devices
  5. PopCornTime: PopCornTime is the last alternative available to us which helps in watching free movies online and comes as a best alternative of Showbox. You can download it for android and iOS devices for free.


This was our detailed article Showbox app apk. I am sure you guys must have get it for your android device and must have get served with our additional tip for you. If you are facing trouble or any issues while downloading or using Showbox. Then you may lend your queries in comment box, I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.

Was it helpful or interesting? If it was then don’t forget to share this article with others who might be looking for the exactly same stuff. So keep sharing and liking our articles and keep helping our readers.

Showbox Apk Download : Showbox App for Android Latest Version
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      2. When the capcha appears simply hit.the.back button and it’ll go away.

    4. Which version works

      1. Try to look for an older one once you install upgrade to the new version.

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  18. I am unable to download movies and shows to my sd card.

  19. I have the galaxy s7 and have installed this onto my new phone however when it asks to update now and I click on it the app completely crashes.i have Uninstalled and reinstalled with the same outcome. Please help. I also can’t seem to get to do loadable all on my iPad air 2. Help please

    1. Ihave n s7 n i cant find it to downtown

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  22. Stopped working earlier this afternoon,screen appeared black. Cleared data and cache,now it says connection error. Uninstalled and uploaded updated version labeled “works!!”. But still get the “connection error”, when it tries to update it says showbox has stopped.

  23. I previously downloaded the Showbox app to my tablet & it worked almost flawlessly. However, it started to have issues refusing to play previously played tv shows so I decided to uninstall & the reinstall updated version. To proceed with install I now have to allow Showbox access to my SD card & also allow to modify or delete any content on SD card. Can you please explain why it would need to delete any of my files? Also, it now dictates that it will monitor my exact location, again, why?

  24. Not working at all for me know…was fine all along until a few days ago…now it won’t update and I can’t get to watch anything…tried to install new version…ssdd…#Crisis!

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  30. Is there a way to put this on my iPad

    1. Was able to update the app but what’s the deal with all these Torrents for shows I used to be able to watch before the update? Server 8 has no sound. Will these issues be fixed soon?? great app but recently it’s become incredibly unreliable, which is annoying!

  31. Every time I try to download the latest update a message pops up saying unfortunately box stop working. This app has not worked since. Please help!

  32. I am unable to hear any of the tv or movies there is no sound, also I cant search the music anymore, can you help??

  33. why, can’t I stream it through my chrome cast now, it only plays on my phone. I was using allcast to go from phone to the chrome cast.

  34. Most of the videos are now download only, there’s no watch option

  35. Updated but only get 15 minutes or so of film or show it the latest version.on android

  36. In the old version i had no problems whatsoever now with the upgraded version all I get is try another server when pressed comes up torrents still can’t watch movies wish I new how to go back to old version

  37. Showbox is now showing I have to put in some type of captcha but when I put it in. Keeps saying it’s wrong. Can’t watch any video

    1. Same issue. Have you had any luck with a fix?

  38. I can’t get any thing go run properly since the trailers and movie news has been on showbox please fix its best app out there by a long way

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  41. Shoebox not working (has stoped)

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    I’m sure you are aware of this but still haven’t seen any comments as to “working on it etc”

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  51. No matter what I have tried, I still get the captcha. I signed up at the server link as suggested but when I go to watch something it flashes so quickly that I dont get the option to sign in with my account. Its been a week but it looks like I will have un install this app and find another. Too bad, I had actually recommended this app, but I cant anymore

    1. I’ve moves to cartoonhd, show box has been failing me for too long now its been like a month

  52. I’ve been trying to watch movies and TV shows but that Captcha thing(I don’t know nor care how to spell it) keeps popping up. Even if I got it right another one pops up and it doesn’t go away. And when it comes to watching videos it says “Video not found” and “Try another serve” Please tell how am I supposed to try another server if that’s the only one there!? And when I deleted the app I downloaded the “latest version” turns put the “latest version” is just like the first one only with a different name. Please tell if I’m just wasting my time with this so called amazing app because this problem has been going on for a while now, and its annoying. Sorry if my tone came across as rude though.

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      Their are new episode I want to watch
      And all it keeps on saying download

  53. Every since the update I can’t get showbox to work. I don’t get external or internal player anymore. Or server 1 or 4 and if I do try to not stream it and watch it on my tablet it has no sound. The ads have sound but not showbox. Help.

  54. Edgardo G. Vélez

    Showbox apk app isn’t working why??? Is unsuccessful

  55. ALL MY favourite TV shows has a “try another server” error! I uninstalled several times and cleared cache but still not working. Very frustrated

  56. I can’t watch a movie from my phone to my TV all it’ll say is download mx player that doesn’t allow me to watch on my TV. This is a big problem for me

  57. Showbox won’t let me stream over to my TV anymore since updates

  58. I already had the app. I opened it up today accepted the update and now every movie is only partially loaded. I get between 13 and 18 minutes of movie to view. I need a new update to fix this problem ASAP! I’ve cleared my cache, but I don’t want to clear my data because I have tons of saved shows and movies i don’t want to lose. I’m using an LG tablet that runs android and would love to go back to being able to view a COMPLETE movie. I have showbox version 4.64 and. One of the a available downloads through your sites and pages allow me to install an update that fixes this problem. Pleased advise.

    1. Have you been able to figure out how to get the complete video? I am having the same issue. I only get about 15 minutes or so of a movie.

    2. I’m only getting about 20 minutes of the movie and then it stops. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared the data and cache, but nothing works.
      Have you been able to fix this problem?

  59. Hello! I’ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from
    Porter Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  60. Use VShare market to get Showbox and that version works

    The problem I have is that I can’t download movies. It is stuck on “waiting for downloading”. It gives me an option to cancel and start, but the start button does nothing.

  61. Showbox is being an absolute nightmare, getting very bored of this, can only have the option to download things :/ I want to watch a few new things and sadly cannot

  62. Asks me to sign up with VK and input captcha to watch any of the videos.
    Tried un/reinstalling no luck

  63. Why is it just playing for 13 mins and go off?Please fix….

  64. Can have a new showbox apk

  65. Please help some movies & TV shows ie penny dreadful & fear the walking dead only show down load only ( torrents) no option to change server I’ve noticed this only in the last few weeks any help would be appreciated many thanks

  66. what is going on at showbox, can the constant problems not be fixed. captcha issue’s, only torrents server, no sound and server 1 has disappeared altogether, this has been going on for weeks, what’s getting done to fix these issue’s can anyone tell me please.

  67. Is anyone else having problems with showbox, any show or video i go to the screen glitches and pops up with a captcha. Ive tried filling in the captcha but it just keeps on throwing new ones.

  68. My showbox app is fully updated yet it won’t load anything. I open my library and try to play an episode and it opens the pre episode load screen where it says “processing … do not close window. Window will close automatically.” Etc. It stays on this screen for a long while. When i hit the info button “i” it opens a captcha screen. Even when entering it tv correctly, it says invalid code entered. When i press back on my tablet it takkes me to the video box that usually gives me the option to download or play the movie. However in this box it says “video not found select a different server ” etc. How can i fix this? It worked great before the recent update.

  69. Is it me or is showbox again offline only letting me download cannot just watch and keeps shutting down never known showbox to have so many problems in the last few months

  70. No worky. Deleted it. Reinstalled it. Still no worky. Deleted it again. Using other apk. It was a great ap when it worked email when it works again. Thanks

  71. Love the app befor the updste. Now it is not working. Pleade fix

  72. See a whole lot of problems yet don’t see any replies or solutions. Why so?

  73. Bs without any problems??!!
    R you serious I can’t hear anything, first there was sound and now there is no sound from any movie, show, etc…please fix!!!!!

  74. The last version before the new update won’t even let me go through the server and always redirecting me to captcha. I downloaded an updated app to see if I would be able to watch but the app would crash before I can open it up. Tried everything and nothing works.? Please fix this. Thank you.

  75. It won’t download no server connection..

  76. It won’t work sucks

  77. Why is this so frustrating? I have now spent probably over an hour trying to get out of the “captcha loop” with not even a hint of success. It seems like enough people have complained about this problem for it to be addressed. Your trouble shooting guide wastes multiple paragraphs singing the virtues of this app which im wondering if even exists! Right now, i wouldnt recommend this app unless i was pranking some total asshole. It sounds like a good idea, but if you cant deliver, please dont waste peoples time with this kind of bullshit.

  78. Every time I want to watch something it tells me server not available or I need to down load it. It doesn’t even download either. Plus some shows are missing season one. Why?

  79. It only gives me the Torrent option and no server option for pretty little liars and the same for a few other shows.

  80. I can’t get chrome cast to work???

  81. I’m getting the capita thing on my showbox

  82. I’m getting the capita on my showbox

  83. Music ain’t working y

  84. Since the last update, app has been no good. The “captcha”‘s have to go. Unistalled and reinstalled, as recommended, and now will not update to newest version indicating “Update error”. Just make it simple and provide a new download with the fixes to correct this so we can enjoy the app.
    Thank you.

  85. Everytime i go to try to watch a freaking movie it pops up some thing with a bunch of freaking letters and i enter in what i think it is and it just keeps coming up and says none of the movies are avaliable bunch of bull crap

  86. Same issues as everyone else outs appears….crashes after update attempts, stupid captcha thingie keeps popping up….has anyone between a response at all from showbox support?

  87. It keeps saying App not installed when i click to install it.

  88. How can I cast to chromecast if mx player is overriding my localcsst app?

  89. Why won’t the captcha be accepted? POST app!

  90. I downloaded this my last two tablets but can’t do it on this tablet

  91. Still not working even with updates

  92. Who’s messing up my show box? This the best app of its class and free! Well now I just get free commercials and nothing else….lol. I hope you can fix this app because is the best.

  93. Can I please get the right version of Shoebox plz I just got a new phone and can’t find the right one I love it I need it help me plz though for Real

  94. hpw do i put showbox onto my laptop HELP!!!!

  95. All my movies get stopping since i did and update.

  96. It does a deep scan then it won’t open

  97. This does not work, waste of time

  98. I can’t play after downloaded and connection and my network connection are OK because I can play other online movie app

  99. I’ve tried to put showbox back on my kindle, but some things still say not available try another server and if it does play, I only get a few minutes. Can anyone help please?

  100. No connection problem

  101. Hi season three of teen wolf is not working to be honest none of Teen Wolf is working can you please fix this I hate to be annoying but it’s really upsetting when I want to watch it and it just does not work lots of love Meg

  102. Please help who has the shoebox link to download without captcha problems?

  103. Why am I getting captchas from Movie Box everytime I go to access a movie or a show?? Windows on-screen flash saying to sign in to vk. Showbox was my all time favorite place to be but now? Blah, i give up. Will be uninstalling.

    1. 4.27 is the only one that I found that work but even then on the latest update of movies you can not download

  104. What’s with the code thing never had to do that before and it doesn’t seem to work what a load of crap this is

  105. How come it sais movies unavailable on every film


  107. can download show box and watch it on the tablet but when casting to tv can only get about the first 15 minutes of the film. help

  108. Any update on ShowBox app? Is there one working yet?

  109. It keeps saying app not installed

  110. The showbox app won’t install on my tablet (android) please can you help?

  111. Trying to download shoebox on an android tablet. Can’t install it ! Help!!!!

  112. I have showbox for a while now and I have the new version and you can’t watch a full film it’s now in three parts and you can change to the next part through all cast

  113. Did everything you told how to fix every errors.. Nothing works. Showbox Please fix as soon as possible.

  114. Down loaded showbox onto my new phone and saying not connected to WiFi or Internet but my phone is connected can u help plz.

  115. Can’t get anything from Servers 1 or 3, and Server 8 isn’t showing up for new show and movie updates. Used to be able to get everything on 1, 4, and 8,but not since I downloaded the latest version (4.65).

    What’s the problem?

  116. Why is it so hard to get a working vision of this app? Is someone hacking showbox or something? It was a good product until lately. Can someone please tell me what is a good download for showbox so I can injoy it agin.

  117. Guys…. if you keep getting the captcha, you’ve got to delete the app and install the older version. The older works. From now on, it “remind me later” to upgrade. Its all over a lot of other boards about not upgrading. Goodluck!

  118. many movies can’t be downloaded. just stream. why can’t we download and watch offline like before?

  119. I also need the link that works,can I be help please…?

    1. just browse showboxapp2016 you will get all your solution.

  120. My showbox doesn’t work… it says “server error please try a different server.” It gives me server 1 and I need server 8. How do I change the server?

  121. I want showbox app for my iphone.

  122. Downloads not working! Every since I updated this app it’s been that way! I want it to go back to the way it used to be! I never had problems until this new update! Please fix ASAP!

    1. Nice answers in return of this issue with real arguments and describing all regarding that.

  123. We’ve been using showbox for a couple of years now and love it! The only downside is, esp lately, we’ve been hit with a shitload of copyright infringement notices through our internet provider. I think we’re one away from losing connection in my name for good. This seems to be a problem when downloading anything so we can only stream… Just a heads up.

  124. I love show box

  125. Here is a fix to this bs with showbox. It is called cinemabox… it same kinda thing just not so streamline … I swore by showbox for well over a yr and now I can’t find a working version… so I say eff showbox… cinemabox always works never goes down and always has new new movies and TV shows… it’s sad showbox is gone….I’d still use it but I try to download it every couple weeks and still won’t update… tonight was my last attempt at this bs app…..

  126. this is really great

  127. We are only able to watch the movies in a small box on the top right corner of the screen. How do we change this to full screen?

  128. Just downloaded the Showbox apk updates to my phone & tablet, then went into Good Witch to see if I could access Season 2. I’ve done everything I can think of – comment, tweet, etc – to bring attention to this since May to get it fixed & it has not happened! I like the app (can do without the news part), but nothing’s being done to correct this problem. Version 4.66 -really?!? Help!!!

  129. you guys are lucky that you are watching it on a small box i am not watching it at all

  130. how do i set up show box

  131. thanks man it works….
    all they way here from Msia

  132. Good app but thought Independence Day Resurgence would have been on here by now . At this rate it’ll be out on Blu-ray before it’s on Showbox ?

  133. Please fix this now can not stream to my TV anymore this was my favorite app but lately some of the new versions especially this latest version there’s no way to watch on my TV

  134. Hey folks,

    I followed Cellinwood’s advice and downloaded Cinemabox APK. It’s a relief to finally have found a free movie app that actually works and runs movies and TV shows without having to go through the crap Showbox puts us through with their catchpas and other “free” movie apps that only prompts you to download a separate video player or offers mostly Korean s**t.

    Please be aware that the Cinemabox app is not 100% perfect. I have some buffering and lagging subtitling issues last night but the upside is the app works. You will probably need to type in the movie or TV show you want to watch if it’s not on the home screen – you’d be almost guaranteed to get the title you want.

    As for subtitles, since I’m deaf, I have helpful tips for you. Click on the CC icon in the below right corner of the video. Go to the language of your choice in the drop menu, and select whatever you want. If you’re watching a TV show on Cinemabox, you need to select the subtitles matching the episode (i.e. Outlander S01E03) you’re watching, and rewind the episode. It’s a bit of a pain, but at least you can watch it with captioning. Please be aware the subtitles may lag at times – just like on Showbox.

    Happy viewing on Cinemabox! Oh! You’ll need to Google for Cinemabox APK – Google Play does not offer it. 🙂

  135. the videos are always unavailable

  136. I just updated my showbox and it deleted all my music. The music part is gone. What happened. Help

  137. My showbox is not working at all wat to do? Plz help

  138. Showbox still not working at all… Can someone fix this problem?

  139. When watching a TV show for abt 20 minutes, why does Showbox all of a sudden just stop and not play the entire show. This haopens with movies to. It appears I am limited to 20 minutes. I have an Samsung S5 and have Verizon as my service provider. Please help! Anyone else experiencing?


  140. What do I have to do to request a new anime?

  141. Charles,





  142. I did everything suggested exactly as described. Server one still will not work

  143. Showbox is crap. Tried multiple versions and way too many installs and uninstalls on different devices. NONE of the fixes work. At the very best, after many crashes and “servers not found” you might occasionally get it to work, but less than 10% of the time. I am convinced that sites like this one are paid for by Showbox to spread bs and that even though most of the people on the planet can’t get Showbox to work most of the time, sites like this are paid to spread the lie that Showbox is the best. Somehow they think that most people on the planet are gullible idiots. From what I see, the people at Showbox cannot design a reliable, working app. In fact, there are more sites about Showbox not working and ridiculous, unsuccessful, so-called “fixes” than for any other tv/movie app on earth. No other similar app in existence is as unreliable and not worth the waste of time. After all, after several years, Showbox’s reputation for crashing and not working is perhaps greater than any other app of any kind known to man. IMHO,…. if the Showbox people had any sense of integrity, they’d put this app out of its and our misery and get real jobs, but please not with other companies that produce tv/movie apps. We do oike the fact that some of them work well and we wouldn’t want you guys wrecking that for them.

  144. I want server one working again it’s getting to be very annoying that I have to piece them together with another man instead of downloading in one piece pics of Bloody service! 🙁

  145. Is there something wrong with Showbox mine was working just perfect last night now today it isn’t working with my Chromecast when it has been for a month now can’t figure out why it’s not working

  146. showbox ver 4.86 apk upload please ?

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