Showbox for PC : Download Showbox for windows 7 8 10 & Mac


Showbox for PC: ShowBox app is one of the best online streaming app for watching Movies and TV Shows. It has been released for few of the mobile platforms and allows users to stream shows online. I would say it is really good to use, because you can never get an app which streams way of the latest and even the oldest shows of all time for you. All you have to do is to download Showbox apk and select the moves you like to have fun watching all day long. You might drain your battery and energy but this app isn’t gonna get low on the service for sure. You can find and watch unlimited movies, TV Shows, Cartoons and programs from online.

ShowBox will play all your selected videos online and does not eat your storage space. It streams directly without consuming or eating up space from your device. The app has got a very easy to understand Interface, allowing to stop, play, rewind, forward and monitor progress bar.

Showbox for PC : Download Showbox for windows 7 8 10 & Mac

Showbox for PC

There are so many networks which offer you online streaming but none of them is free of use and not really good to use. Even if you can find any free service, then the video quality you watch is much worse than torrents. So, I would advise you to switch to Show Box app a get it on your Windows PC version. You can easily watch lots of unlimited Movies, TV Shows and Cartoon collection for free using your PC. There are hundreds and thousands of Movies, TV Shows and other programs available for streaming on this app. You can find the latest and old Movies as well packed in their database. All you need to do is to search for the movie or show you like, select and play to stream it online. Also download show box apk for android Smartphone for free.

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Showbox for PC Features:

ShowBox app has been made available for Android and some other OS only. But we can use emulator like Bluestacks to get it on PC and run it comfortably. Before that you can have a look at the app features and details.

• It is a free to download app from unknown source
• Very comfortable to use and stream Movies
• It can stream Movies and TV Shows easily
• They have tons of collection of Movies and TV Shows for you
• The App interface is smooth and easy to use as well
• Download Showbox on PC using Bluestacks

Download Showbox for PC Process

By following our below steps you can download and install ShowBox app for your Windows PC easily. All you need to do is just follow basic instructions and install the app.

• First you have to download Bluestacks Android Emulator for PC and install it by following onscreen instructions

Download for Android 1

• Now you need to download ShowBox app APK file from here
• Now you have to click on ShowBox APK file, right click on it and select “Open With” option
• After that select to install with Bluestacks Player and let the app install as shown below

showbox apk install with bluestacks
• After the app gets installed, restart your bluestacks android emulator as shown in the below screenshot

restart bluestacks
• Once bluestacks loads you can see the showbox app in the main menu of bluestacks emulator like below

showbox on bluestacks menu

  • Double tap on showbox app and enjoy watching movies and tv series for free

Hope you like this video and if you find it helpful please share it online. You can post your doubt or comment below and we will answer it.

Showbox for PC : Download Showbox for windows 7 8 10 & Mac
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  1. Can not load on kindle fire hdx

    1. Do a search for “Showbox for Kindle Fire HDX”. I downloaded it for my HDX last weekend and it works fine with both Movies and TV.

  2. I like watching movies on Android Smartphone Anything for me ?

    1. download show box app

  3. Hi I just want to Know using Bluestacks the Showbox will work fine on PC? Does it require anything else to use Showbox on PC?

    1. i need actually the same answer

  4. I can’t get it on my tablet or phone,can you help me please

  5. it will not allow me to download app on my chromebook Y ?????

  6. it will not allow me to download app to my chromebook!!!!! Y????

    1. this webpage is a direct link and pre-structured down load for WINDOWS. (the only listed) try searching for a showbox download for chromebook.

      side note: when dealing with technology it is ALWAYS (and i cannot stress this enough) necessary to specify.

  7. Hey Nomadic, Tried installing it on bluestacks but it gives this error “INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK” is there any solution for it? BTW I’ve showbox on my Android phone by your guide. thanks in advance.

  8. Can i download Showbox on my tablet

    1. Yaa, You can download ShowBox on your tablet even i m using this on my tablet.

  9. Will not install on win 7, it says it needs at least 2gb, I have 189gb free so what is the problem.

    1. Inbluestacks settings increase memory

  10. Can’t get this to work ,….. tried many times

  11. Hi. Any help downloading showbox on a laptop?

  12. Why can’t I download showbox onto my iphone5

    1. because this showbox app is an android “apk” file and apple uses “dmg” files…hope this helped.

  13. I downloaded as requested on my PC, but when I try to play a movie, all I get is a black screen. I do not get the options to download or watch now.

  14. So, how can i run showbox app on bluestacks? i need quick answer.

  15. why does showbox always stop working on pc’s and day it will work and the it will not. video is never available. and will update always an error…i LOVE show box, but this is frustrating!!!!

  16. I really love show box but for some reason every time I try to get show box to play there is a thang that pops up telling me to copy the letters and number and when I put it in and push on the ok button it just pops back to do another one.and I’m getting really very upset because I cant watch my show box

  17. I installed the player and showbox but showbox isnt working

  18. I just watch the movie cause the other app don’t show me

  19. App won’t install with Bluestacks keeps saying android boot failure???

  20. Hi.Why the movies are in one or more parts.I mean that i have subs only inthe first part.The others havenot there any tip to fix it?Thanks.

  21. I downloaded exactly step by step, it worked but when I open showbox no movies or shows are there. It is the exact same showbox on my android phone but no movies

  22. Bluestacks downloaded fine, as did the APK file. However, Bluestacks is not opening the Showbox APK file.

  23. trying to install on pc have installed bluestacks but what media system should i choose to open file with… windows media wont open it… do i need a special adobe flash drive or is it a zip file… please help

  24. show box really needs to make a show box for pc so we dont have to go threw this extra stuff

    1. Do you donate to Showbox? If not you can’t complain seeing as you’re getting it for free.

  25. I downloaded BlueStacks, following the download of Showbox. Showbox lags so much, I tried letting the movie just load, but it’s still off and lags.

  26. Why is it only giving me the option to download now? I do not have the option of “Watch Now”.

  27. ive downloaded bluestack….showbox on there….showbow wants to update…..but when i update it says there is another version and doesnt do it??? help anyone

  28. I installed bluestacks, and it wouldnt work. Kept getting a message saying it cant connect to the internet. Strange…. no reason why not.

  29. After installing bluestacks dont open it. Then select showbox.apk file and right click it and press install via bluestacks – now it should install properly

  30. It’s not letting me download showbox onto my laptop

  31. I love showbox, I have found emulators like BlueStacks & Andy cumbersome to use, they make a HDMI dongle that go’s from smart phone to TV.

  32. It’s not letting me install showbox on my windows tablet

  33. I got Blue stacks to download and got showbox to open in bluestacks, it started playing a movie, then just stop… I closed it out and started over but any movie i click on to watch now it just does the loading thingy and never loads… Showboy dont even play on my phone 🙁

  34. Looks like we’ve been abandoned!!!

  35. Showbox keep giving me an error message!!!!!

  36. Worked perfectly, THANKS!!

  37. i downloaded bluestacks and showbox but when i go to open showbox it says choose to open with but bluestacks isnt on the list what do i do now?

  38. where does the showbox video files save to ? where can i find them so that i can save them to a flash drive to view them on the tv

    1. Look in you files under showbox, you can transfer from device yo extrenal storage

  39. Got show box with bluestack, was watching movie, working fine, then no sound. Please assist

  40. Cannot load bluestacks as it has a virus.

  41. ok, so two things.. First, I cant get any movie or show to start downloading on my LG tablet. Second, I’m having trouble finding the right showbox download for my Dell PC

  42. without bluestacks, will showbox function on my pc?


  44. showbox that too on pc. this is so cool

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