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ShowBox is a online streaming app that is free to use and showbox download. It is one of the best and easy to understand streaming app designed for mobile platform like Android. It is of high resources and allows users to view their delightful content of media like movies and TV shows. Showbox app have huge collections of all the Shows, Episodes, Movies form the past to new. So why not use stream that Movie to TV show directly to your TV easily. We can make use of Chromecast app to stream the movie to TV and play it. You can have the same fun or entertainment of the video with excellent quality on TV set as well.

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GrowBox app allows you to stream and cast Movies from your ShowBox app to Chromecast directly. We could use MX Player in the past but it is of no use now.

Why To Use GrowBox Instead Of MX Player

Previously we could have used MX Player and GrowBox was not required for this process. But later It happened that the only player which was able to receive the Header with web video player stopped the features. Yes, MX player was being used in order stream directly to Chromecast using your ShowBox apk but features changed. But don’t worry guys we are back here with the best available and working method to stream without the help of MX Player.

We are going to use AllCast app from Android app store during the process. It will be used to render and send video to your centre.

Downloads Required for showbox :

I have listed out some of the showbox app and files you need to download and install on your Smartphone to complete process.

  • First thing you need to have Internet Connection or 3G/Wi-Fi Connection
  • You have to download AllCast App from Google Playstore
  • You need to download GrowBox App APK file
  • Make sure to have ShowBox preinstalled on your Smartphone

How To Stream ShowBox To ChromeCast Using GrowBox

In this little guide I will be explaining you how you can install and use the latest GrowBox app and stream your ShwoBox movies directly to Chromecast. In order to stream successfully you have to follow all the below steps correctly and must download the asked app from below.

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  • First step is to open your open your device and uninstall MX Player
  • You need to go to Settings, click on Apps and select MX Player to uninstall


  • Now you have to go to settings, select security and select “Unknown Sources” option


  • After that you have to download and install GrowBox app from here (APK File)


  • Then you need to download and install AllCast app from Google Playstore
  • So to download the AllCast app you can go to here


  • When you open your ShowBox app, you have to uncheck the option “Use Internal Player”
  • Then you have to click on the ‘Watch Now’ option and open with “AllCast’ app


  • Now AllCast app will search for players to stream, you can select ChromeCast from here


  • Now you can easily stream Movies and TV Shows using ChromeCast

Hope you like this post and if you find it helpful, please share it online with your friends. If you are facing any problem or issue regarding the post you can comment below.

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Updated: February 28, 2016 — 12:53 am


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  1. This works however it only plays the first 13 min of any movie .. then it just stops 🙁

    1. Mine too have you solved it???

  2. I followed the directions as stated, but showbox is not playing on my roku device via allcast.It simply remains on the home screen.Yes growbox allows me to select allcast, but allcast seems to simply crash.It either says no media found or it says now playing and nothing appears on the screen.I have allcast premium installed on my phone.It worked perfectly before the update.I dont know what to do. Does anyone have a solution?

  3. subtitles don’t get added

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